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Top 10 Most Inspirational Life Quotes By Swami Vivekanand You Never Know

Top 10 Most Inspirational Life Quotes By Swami Vivekanand Here in this post you will find the most inspirational and powerful Life Quotes By Swami Vivekanand. Inspirational Life Quotes by Swami Vivekanand will let you open your eyes in this cheap world.
Swami Vivekanand, a famous saint the Indian history who totally changed the perspective of the world about humanity and life. He was the disciple of Swami Ramkrishan param hans. Following are some selected Inspirational Life Quotes by Swami Vivekanand.

10 Most Inspirational Life Quotes : Swami Vivekanand

1. "Take Risks in Your Life" : 

In the first quote Swami Vivekanand want to explain that we should take risks in life. Until unless we take risks in life we can't ever be successful in our life. If we don't take any risks in our life we'll not have power to face that problem next time. So take risks or take success.

2. "All Power is within You. You Can do Anything and Everything" :

This quote describes our inner power and capacity of a human. In this quote it is said that a normal human can do extra ordinary things if we learn to use our hidden power and strength. One should use his/her all will power to do a work. It means that a giant is hidden in all of us. we should wake up this giant.

3. "You are What You Think" :

This line has a very beautiful meaning that "We are what we think". Swami Vivekanand says that If you think you are strong then you are really strong but if you think you are weak then you are weak.
A person can be successful if he already imagine that he is already successful. That is the secret of success.

4. "Strength is Life, Weakness is Death" :

This quote describes about "Strength" and "Weakness". Strength and Weakness are opposite of each other. In this line, itv is tried to be explain that one should be mentally and physically strong to get success in his/her life. because our health is our wealth. Our first life priority is to be healthy. If you are successful but not healthy then there is no use to be successful.

5. "The Greatest Sin is to think Yourself Weak" :

Swami Vivekanand's this golden line fills power within us that we should not under estimate ourselves that we are weak even we are weak physically. A person should not be weak mentally. This is the power of our thought, As we think so we are.

6. "Arise, Awake and Stop Not, Until the Goal is Reached" : 

It is described in this goal that we all have some goals in our life some are short term goals and some are long term goals. Swami Vivekanand once said that we should trying for success until we reach our goal. As we should give up all our bad desires to get our goal.

7. "You Can't Believe in God Until You Believe in Yourself" :

This Life quote is worth really worth in true sense. It is tried to be explain by Swami Vivekanand that we should believe in ourselves first then in anybody else. Our belief is everything. If we believe in something that thing really exists. Belief makes everything possible in life.

8. "That Man Has Reached Immortality, Who is Disturbed By Nothing" : 

In this whole quote, Swami Vivekanand tried to explain that a human being who never disturbed by anything is Immortal person in true sense. When a person only focus to his main goals and couldn't be impacted by anyone else that person is really a unique human being.

9. "The Greatest Religion is to be True to Your Own Nature" :

This line is written very beautifully and it has a deep meaning if we try to understand it properly. In this line writer wants to explain about religion of a person. According to the author a person greatest religion is kindness about himself. If we say in simple language, We should be true to our own nature.

10. "We Should Have No Fear" :

Swami Vivkekanand says that the greatest enemy of all of us is our fear. Fear never push you towards right direction and impact our health and body also. Fear should be eliminated from our mind and body only then we can have success in our life.

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