Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Top 4 Best Positive Quotes For The Day By Genius Thomas Alva Edison

Positive Quotes For The Day : Here I want to share with you an inspirational article "Best Positive Quotes For The Day" by one of the most famous and influential American inventor and businessman who has completely changed the world with his unique discoveries. Edison gives his contribution in the field of electric power generation, mass communication, in the field of
sound recording. You can read below "4 Best Positive Quotes For The Day you should definitely adopt in life.

4 Best Positive Quotes For The Day By Genius Thomas Alva Edison

1. "I have not Failed, I have Just Found 10,000 Ways That Wouldn't Work" :

Thomas Edison rightly said this line that he had actually never failed and always tried to make something creative stuff. He never loose hope and was consistent in his soul and mind that what he has to do. Very few people know this thing about Edison that he was only the scientist at that time with so much curiosity.

2. "There is A Way to Do It Better, Find A Way" :

Thomas Edison was very clear in his intentions and goal that what he has to implement and how to implement and what to execute.

Example : The biggest example of this quote is that he invented an electric bulb by trying it 10,000
that find a way to create better ways for something.

3. "Our Greatest Weakness Lies Up in Giving Up" :

The Line has deep meaning of it. Author wants to convey a message here to all of us that our main problem of weakness is exhaustion of Brain.
One should never give up on something that he or she want to achieve. When you have this thing in mind, Remember her that Thomas Edison was failed 10,000 times when he was struggling to make an electric bulb.

4. "Vision Without Execution is Hallucination" :

It is tried to be explain here that "Vision Without Execution is Hallucination". It is not wrong to say that dream is not actually a dream until unless you convert it into reality. One of the greatest person accepts this fact you should work on that vision until you succeed into that.

If we talk about the biggest example of the vision so I would prefer to talk about Mughal emperor Shahjahan who convert his idea into the reality. "Taj Mahal" is the biggest example of it.

I hope you all like this article "Top 4 Best Positive Quotes For The Day By Genius Thomas Alva Edison