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5 Best Inspirational Quotes From The Book : The Secret (Rhonda Byrne)


5 Best Inspirational Quotes From The Book : The Secret : In this world of competition and distraction everyone is doing his/her best to get success. Here, in this motivational post I will discuss
about 5 Best Inspirational Quotes collected from one of the most famous book of 21st century ever . Yes I am talking about "The Secret".
First of all, I will tell you about this best selling book of the year 2006 by Rhonda Byrne. This book has already changed many lives. Rhonda Byrne, a famous motivational speaker wrote this book around 13 years ago from now. Around 300 million copies of this book has been sold till now which is a very good thing.

About Rhonda Byrne : Nobody will be in this motivational world who didn't heard the name of Rhonda Byrne. For all your kind knowledge, Rhonda is an Australian television writer and producer. Rhonda's Best Inspirational Quotes also include in this article. Rhonda already got to fame after writing "The Secret". She has written so many books like "The Power", "The Magic" and others.

What is Law of Attraction : 

It Simply means in one line is that It is a belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences.

5 Best Inspirational Quotes From The Book : The Secret

Here is my favorite select inspirational quotes that I love to share with you all on this blog.

1. "Start Telling the Universe What You Want Instead of What You Don't Want" :

The above line declares that start telling the people what we want instead of what we don't want. Generally people says that things only they don't want which is a sad reality. Even they don't push there selves in right direction and always worried about their circumstances.

The thing is here, that we should focus only on that things that we expect from the universe to give us. We should make note of things that we want to have in our life to make it happen. Some of these positive affirmations we should daily repeat are given below :

Affirmations1. "I am healthy fit and happy".
2. "I am confident and so relaxed soul".
3. " I am more money and abundance in my life".
4. "I can do anything and everything.
5. "I am attracting good fame".

The above affirmations are really effective if you repeat it daily. Affirmations really helps to attract that things in our life more and more quickly. So we should never doubt our beliefs.

2. "You Get in Life, What You Have The Courage to Ask For" :

This could be the best and full of impact line for all the readers. In today's world a normal person even doesn't think about the life he or she really want.

Example : Here i will cover an example here. Suppose a person is a doing a job in a private company. but he actually wants to become a successful businessman in his life. but he never ever think about it that it will happen.
So here my question is that Will he become a successful businessman with this small thought?

The answer is "Never Ever". So my kind request to all the readers here that if you have something in mind than try to come out of your comfort zone and do it right now.

3. "Everything Vibrates, Nothing Rests, Like Attracts Like" :

The above given quote is a very technical in terms of motivation. According to the law of physics, Nothing rests in this world, every matter is vibrating.

Example : Let we have a solid body and the particles that made are vibrating at rest. This means every matter has some vibration frequency which keeps it in that position. Ultimately, Every human being has a different vibrations and frequency.

When we think of something, we have a fix level of vibration and try to match with same vibration of other person. So what we have to do here is think of positively all the time so we can attract posituve circumstances.

4. "As You Think You Vibrate, As You Vibrate You Atrract" :

The above quote is said by one of the greatest person of the history Abraham Hicks. Abraham Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and author. She has already written so many motivational books already.
Abraham Hicks publications we can see in the 2006 documentary film the secret.

Real  Life Example : Here, I would like to share an example of the above quotes.

1. Suppose, I have to clear a job interview and I have already this in mind that I am getting nervous. This thought is coming in my mind again and again. So here my body will respond according to that thought. I will attract more scenarios of that situation.

2. In this point I have a clear cut goal that I am going to crack this interview with full confidence, then my whole body vibration will change.

So, here my point of view for this quote is that we have to change our mentality and vibrations to change our situations.

5. "The Universe is Responding to Who You Believe You Are" :

In this above quote, author tries to explain about the universe. When we think of something the universe conspire to make it happen.

Use technique As It Already happened  : Here we are talking about a strong belief that we possess in our mind to make our dreams true.

Real  Life Example : Suppose you think that you want to become an actor and you already believed on it that you are already and actor. So there will be more situations will come in your way that will take to your path.
Here we can take example of famous Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Once Ranveer's sister made a poster. In which he stick the face of Ranveer singh in DDLJ movie. after 1 year, Ranveer got an offer from Yash Raj Studios for a film.

So I hope you all have liked this Post 5 Best Inspirational Quotes From The Book : The Secret (Rhonda Byrne)